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6 Considerations For Wedding Table decorations You Must Follow Up For

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

The beauty of a wedding event is actually hidden behind small and delicate details. For instance, the table. While many people mainly focus on backdrops and wall decorations, table decoration actually more vibrant and can take the event to its fullest. But, it's not easy to decorate a table as you think. You need to focus on specific factors that flourish its unique beauty. So follow up to know 6 main considerations for wedding table decorations in this blog.

6 Main Considerations For Wedding Table Decorations

1. Shape Of The Table

One of the main factors of table decoration is the shape of the table. You need to choose the best shape that complements your venue and get the appearance it deserves. While choosing the right-shape table always remember to assess a few things before. Like space in the venue, space of dining area, a number of guests invited, and many more. Assessing these aspects would help you to choose round, square, or rectangle tables.

2. Tablecloth

Tablecloth plays an important role in wedding table decorations. These things on the dining table are enough to bring charm to your wedding event. Moreover, tablecloths are also a form of backdrop you can say. This is because tablecloths certainly work with the ambiance you create. Suppose the theme of your wedding has a sea-green color, and decorating dining tables with sea-green tablecloths can certainly help your event to look fabulous.

3. Color & Patterns

Do you know what makes a wedding event most attractive? Color and patterns! And table decorations can be beautifully crafted with colors and different patterns making the event beautiful.

If you use unique colors and patterns on the dining table of your wedding event it would certainly draw guests’ attention. Moreover, you can hold guests for a little longer to talk with them, make them comfortable and welcome them. Overall, your event would bloom.

4. The Theme Of The Table

Another most important thing you must consider for wedding table decorations is the theme of the table. Whatever theme you have for your wedding event, you need to prepare a separate theme for the table. And the most common way to decorate dining tables is by using flowers.

We recommend opting for roses, since they are stunning, gorgeous and colorful, even fit every situation. Or you can simply rely on different leaves, plants and other different flowers.

5. Style Of Tables

Need an elegant look for your wedding event? You must firstly depend on the style you choose in your dining area. Decorate well, using a range of different sized decor pieces; for example, use some small objects, such as a feature bouquet, mixed with tall taper candles to create dimension.

To make the decoration more compact, bring variation in the shape of plates. This perhaps can be a great deal for your entire wedding event.

6. Size Of the Table

As we already discussed how the shape of a table is an important factor, now we would discuss size. Using tables with proper and consistent size will create structure and formation, to give your event a touch of minimalism.

However, if your wedding venue is considerably quite big and has huge space you are free to play with the sizes. Even alternating different-sized tables in the wedding venue perhaps could become one of the best wedding table decorations you can have.

So here are 6 main considerations you need to follow to get a complete one for the best wedding table decorations in your wedding venue. Now if you want to get decoration service for decorating the dining area contact our Full Service Wedding Planner company in Australia. Also, visit our website to know the Average Wedding Cost and read blogs on Best Event Management Companies.


How do you decorate a wedding table?

Decorating a wedding table is not very easy unless you follow some useful traits. You can primarily go for a beautiful floral arrangement, or three or four smaller ones, plus a few votive candles, seashells or other on-theme details can be just the right touch.

What are the things I should consider in table decoration?

There are total of 8 considerations, and they are, choosing centerpieces, number of tables, entire budget, venue restrictions, table shape, table size and capacity, lighting, and the environment.


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