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How does A Full Service Wedding Planner Deal With You?

“What does a wedding planner and decorator do?” This might be your first question while dealing with a professional wedding planner a few days before your wedding. Well, their job not just starts with planning the weddings but also executing them to the desired perfection. A professional wedding planner and decorator basically works like your friend to make your event successful. So, if you are eager to know the job and responsibilities of a full service wedding planner. Then follow the blog till the end.

Job And Responsibility of Full Service Wedding Planner

Plans Your Wedding

The overall job of a wedding planner is to plan the entire wedding. They plan your wedding venue, decorations, designs, dresses, events and cuisines assessing the number of guests and other members attending your wedding.

And without proper planning, your event won't look as compact and amusing as you expect. Professionals also make sure everything is included in the list you demand to make your special day more special.

Manage Wedding Budgets

Preparing a wedding budget is the second most important job of a professional full service wedding planner. If you are not prepared with a budget, professionals will help you out in preparing one and help you to save pennies.

Professional wedding planners and designers review your financial capabilities first, and then draft a budget. In low-range budgets, professionals try to add every possible attribute that can be added to make your event complete and joyful.

Talk with Vendors And Dealers

The budget and your taste define what kind of vendors you are looking for. And Professionals use these both to reach accurate vendors and purchase wedding products for you. Besides, a professional wedding planner always prepares a list of vendors they work with. Even, keep referrals that will work for their clients and fit best for the client’s demand. And this certainly keeps your event updated.

Schedule Vendor Meetings

Once a wedding planner shortlists vendors and market dealers, they prepare a schedule to meet vendors and order goods and products required for the wedding event. While doing it yourself, you might have called 10 different vendors making the process more complicated. But a full service wedding planner on the other hand calls for a meeting, sits, and discusses with vendors to finalize the goods and commodities needed for your event.

Assist In Invitations

Apart from helping in the matter of choosing decor props, design and decorations, professionals also assist you with wedding invitations. Professionals firstly assess the number of guests you are inviting and make a list accordingly. Then they use innovative ideas to make formal wedding invitations delightful.

Professionals choose envelopes of different colors and styles to make them look festive. Moreover, they don't avoid using graphics and illustrations on the envelopes to make the invitation process elegant.

Conduct The Event

After handling and pre-wedding and pros and cons, a professional full service wedding planner conducts the entire event on the event day. They, being punctual, reach the event early to finish decorations, design and other important other delicate arrangements. Starting from dining place to aisle, professionals keep everything picture-perfect in order to make your special event a real zeal!

Assess The Event

In the end, professional event planners and decorators check whether everything is going as planned or not. They assess each aspect of the wedding to make sure everything meets your expectations. In case anything fails they immediately apply plan B.

So here are the 7 main duties and responsibilities a professional full service wedding planner plays in a wedding event. Now if you want to get a Wedding Event Decorations

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What are the responsibilities of an event planner?

A professional wedding event planner and decorator carry many responsibilities to make your event prosper. Professional event planner and decorator seats from scouting locations, soliciting bids, managing vendor relationships and client communications, creating and negotiating contracts, and ends with managing budgets.

What qualities should a wedding planner have?

There are 5 main qualities you must check in a professional wedding planner and decorator, and they are: Creativity combined with patience, finance and budget, vows or speeches or quotes, organisation and options, empathy and lastly universal communication.


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