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7 Things That Determine Average Wedding Cost

There is barely anything as special as weddings. And when it's your turn, you probably try to make it perfect and beautiful. However, in that process, many couples end up expanding a lot without getting the proper value. But there is a simple way to avoid such a situation, you just need to allocate expenditure for the event precisely. With this process, you won't just save money but also make your wedding prospective. So if you want to enjoy service from each penny then read 7 things that determine the average wedding cost.

7 Determinants Average Wedding Cost

The Wedding Date

The cost of a wedding widely depends on which season of the year you are getting married. Festivals like Christmas and new year are special to get married. But this would be relatively expensive since there is an expected price hike in the special months.

If you want to keep your costs down, think of getting married during the off-season months. Each average wedding cost will be a little more affordable then.

The Number of Events

Running down the aisle is not the first and last thing that happens at weddings. A wedding can formally last more than two days. Even in some cultures, people spend a week. Surprising isn't it?

Weddings formally start from a pre-wedding party and end with the honeymoon. And this combinedly affects your bank balance. However, you can save money just by re-planning all the events in a more cost-saving way.

The Guest List

It's no surprise that guests are some of the main reasons for the excess expenditure. Obviously, you should not stop thinking about their convenience, but you can cut off some of your wedding cost savings.

You can firstly review your guest list, find out very unimportant people and remove them from the list to keep your average wedding cost at bay. You can also edit some names if you find them important.

The Venue

Getting married in a beautiful resort might be your dream but you must say goodbye to that in order to save money. Rather you can check out for local banquet halls or hotel ballrooms to keep your budget down. If you dig deep you can also find a banquet way more attractive than any regular event lounge.

You can also get your wedding to another level with a venue in a farmhouse or a relative's home garden.


Food and beverage is one place where you expend the most and even exceed the average wedding cost. Food is such an integral part of big events, especially the bigger part of weddings.

It is easy to get carried out with caters coming up with new and exotic dishes from cuisines all over the world. So always make sure you stick to the basics and focus on the food quality and not the quantity and variety.


Besides catering, decoration is another important factor of a wedding that can lead to unnecessary expenditure. Many couples pay a lot to get beautiful backgrounds for beautiful pictures but end up overexposing the event-making.

In this matter, you can take expert advice first. A decorating expert can guide you to make your venue keep simple yet attractive. And ultimately help you to reduce your cost.


Lastly, shopping is another part of a wedding that determines the average wedding cost. You are free to spend on shopping before the wedding but don't you think it would affect the post-wedding situation? Well if you don't want ‘your love for shopping’ to affect your wedding cost, then try to keep it in the limit.

So here are the 7 things that determine the cost of a wedding. And being a bit conservative in such an aspect can certainly help you to reduce wedding expenses at a margin. Now if you want to get affordable Wedding Event Decorations along with destination wedding packages then contact our BNJ wedding organizer company through the website.


What are the 3 largest expenses with a wedding?

The three largest expenses are the catering, the music for the reception, and the wedding rings. These are where you can expand more.

What costs the most when planning a wedding?

The things that can affect the cost of the wedding are flowers & decor, Music expenses, photos and video for posterity, dressing the part, food, and drink, and rings and things.

Which part of the wedding costs the most?

In most cases, the rent of the wedding venue often exceeds your pre-planned budget, including the cost of renting materials, tables, and chairs, and serving food or alcohol.

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