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Kids Birthday Party Ideas that Parents Must Consider

Pleasing kids is pretty tough, you need to think from their outlook to understand the baby's mind. Especially when you are just about to arrange a surprise party. If your little one is turning 5 and you want to throw a birthday bash to him/her, here are some of the coolest party prop ideas you can incorporate while planning your kid's birthday party.

8 most amazing kid's birthday party decoration ideas

Without any more delay, let's start with #number 1!

Cute animal backdrop

Birthday parties without backdrops are like cakes without cherries! If your kids are fond of pets, surprise them on their upcoming birthday with an adorable kitten & puppy or a unicorn backdrop. Place the cake table in front of the backdrop, adorning the surrounding area with cute little animal stuffed toys.

You can also fill the place with lip-smacking customized pet-shaped cupcakes, cookies, and delicious milkshakes in the kitty and puppy-printed containers. The whole decoration should be like a dreamy land in the pet world. If you need a helping hand, let us tell you, our event management for birthday decoration is just a call away!

Superhero balloons

In case your baby boy or baby girl is into the comics and superheroes, decorating the birthday venue with charming superhero balloons is another coolest option. You can easily buy these revamped balloons in your local market and decorate your kid's birthday party venue. However, if you fail to find it, we can help you! For a more creative approach, make sure to add a special note on each balloon, which conveys that the superheroes are wishing your kids on their special day.

A birthday crown

Well, it might not be a "decoration idea". But this party prop is definitely going to make your child have the best birthday ever! Make the birthday king or queen feel special with custom-made crowns with shimmering glitter detailing. Or you can design it as per your kid's preference. But do not reveal the surprise birthday prop as it might spoil the fun and their reaction.

Custom party cups

Let everything in your Kid's birthday party give a dreamy vibe! Instead of using regular cups, mix up your DIY creation and prepare custom party cups. Take marker pens of different colors and draw unicorn eyes, puppy faces, superhero icons, or space figures in each cup that fits the party theme. To make it cuter, you can add details in those cups using cute little ribbons attaching them with paper cups using hot glues. Serve savory milkshakes or lemonade in those cups and let the party be a real ZEAL!

Cute lanterns

Light up the birthday venue with cute ribbon-detailed lanterns. If you are planning a space-themed party, you can decorate the place with super adorable, Sun, Moon, and planet-shaped lanterns. Our event organizer company can help you choose the best-fit lanterns and pick the perfect place to hang them!


Here comes another mind-blowing Kid's birthday party idea! The edible candy tree that you are going to place near the backdrop can be the show-stopper of the event! Make your own DIY candy tree by adding your little one's favorite chocolates and candies, and capture their reaction on seeing the surprise!

Birthday-themes cutleries

Regular insipid cutleries are no wonder the party-spoilers! Instead, you can make your own, adorable cutleries that suit the birthday theme well. If it is hard for you to find the best-match party cutleries, make your own, using paints, and fun stickers!

Edible candy-stick wands

If your little ones are Harry Potter fans, or into fairy tales, the edible candy-stick wands can be the best party prop! Place them in a glass jar with ribbon details, adding special enchanting charms to the party! Hand each wand to the little guests and make the day even merrier!

So, aren't these decoration ideas cool? We understand that arranging all these things single-handedly can be a little hectic job. And thus, our professionals assist you to organize your custom parties! Whether you're up to planning your Kid's birthday party, 60th birthday decoration ideas, 21st birthday celebration ideas, or Surprise 40th birthday party, our event decorator Melbourne is always by your side!

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