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8 Surprise 40th Birthday Party Themes For Your Mum and Dad

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

If you are thinking of surprising your mum or dad with a surprise birthday party as they throw for you, then we have some exciting themes to suggest for their upcoming birthday events. Sometimes it is cool and loving to throw a surprise birthday party for your mum and dad. The gesture from you will help your parents something special in return. To bring them with 40th joy of their lives you should list a total of 10 Surprise 40th Birthday Party Themes we have. Without any further ado, let’s delve into the topic!

The black and White

What could be more fun other than to host a black and white party to intimidate their time as black and white? With this theme, you could gather all family and friends from their time and give them a surprise. You can create a black and white cake with black and white cookies, and deserts to feel the moment.

The 90s Fashion

If your mum or dad is turning 40, then this is one of the best surprise 40th birthday party themes you can initiate. You can remodel the surprise party with a total 90s dress code with 90s vibes in it. Arrange scrumptious foods and beverages that were trendy in that period and serve food on 90s delicacies. There is a guarantee your dad and mum will enjoy it, and praise you for such creativity.

The Wall of Memories

If your dad or mum is turning old then initiate a party with the theme of the wall of memories. Here you should organize a giant sticker board to attach all photos and attachments related to their memories. Each invitee should be informed to carry their attachments on the party night to make the wall of memories much bigger.

The Plantation

The plantation is one of the best surprise 40th birthday party themes you can initiate for your mum and dad. If your mum or dad is a very nature-friendly person then initiates a plant plantation ceremony on that day. Decorate the party with flowers, fruits, and leaves. And promote the rule of bringing plants as a gesture of gifts in their his or her surprise birthday.

The Fashion Theme

Fashion is one of other enjoyable surprise 40th Birthday Party Themes

You could accept for your mum and dad. The fashion theme will give them simple liberty to decorate themselves with funny or amazing costumes. Isn’t it interesting? Then be hurry and start planning.

Mustache theme

One of the most exciting things about the Mustache theme birthday party is, anyone can have it. Yes, imagine how girls will look in mustaches, which is fake though. Enough of the imagination!! See it practically by throwing a party like it!

40s Camping

Do you what is the best gift your mum or dad is? Camping. Your mum and dad must be very busy people in the middle days of their lives. So it would be appropriate to surprise them with a camping party on their birthdays. Plan a safe place for night camping and order their favorite food to create their element of surprise very exciting.

The Season of Fall

Fall is considered one of the lovely seasons of all. Well, you can bring in the essence of Autumn by arranging a full season-themed party for your parents on their upcoming birthday events, giving them the opportunity to celebrate the joy of their life amidst wonderful nature. Firstly gather some beautiful dry leaves and adorn your backyard with them. And then make some Autumn deserts as the best birthday surprise for your mum or dad.

Make your mum and dad’s birthday special with the 8 surprise 40th Birthday Party Themes we suggest for you. These themes will surely be mind-blowing for old fathers and mothers. So don’t wait and start the preparation now! To know in and out of baby shower decorations, 10 ideas for Bride party before the wedding, the importance of Wedding organizer company, top Intimate wedding venues near you, and best Event management for birthday parties, and 8 Unique 21st themes for Birthday, stay tuned to our website.

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