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Unique 21st Birthday Themes On Trends

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

21st birthday celebrations are so much FUN, aren't they? It's like cherishing your official adulthood. Planning your special day with a dazzling dress, a gorgeous cake, and hanging with friends is quite typical. Why not make the party a bit more exciting with unique 21st birthday themes? Sounds good, right? This post is all about the birthday themes that you can incorporate to make your party a real ZEAL!

Masquerade Ball

The theme idea that wins the first position in today's list is the masquerade ball. Nothing ever has matched the mystery and amusement of a masquerade party. And for your 21st birthday, it's absolutely WONDERFUL! The drapes, the feathers, the eye-catchy masks, chandeliers, and every party prop are truly remarkable. And, of course, you fancy outfit counts here!

The Festive theme

While the masquerade has its own flavor, the festive theme is no less than it. Choose your favorite festival, decorate the venue accordingly with funky decors, set up cocktail bars, arrange scrumptious dishes, and enjoy your day to the fullest. The dress code matters here a lot. So, make sure to mention your unique 21st birthday themes on the invitation cards and ask your guests to choose an outfit that matches the theme.

Halloween theme

If you are obsessed with Halloween, why don't you celebrate it twice a year! Confused? Well, here we are talking about the Halloween-themed birthday party!! You will probably not get any other thrilling 21st birthday celebration ideas compared to this. Get a Halloween-themed cake baked, ask your friends to put on their best Halloween outfit, let the professional event management for birthdays take care of the decorations, and here you go... The BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY ever!!

A costume party

A costume party will never go out of trend. It is probably one of the unique 21st birthday themes. Even if we have grown up, our love of costume theme parties will never fade. Get its essence again by throwing your themed birthday bash! Tell your friends and other guests to dress as per their own favorite character! It can be anything from a fictional movie character to a storybook character, and let the fun begin!

Coachella themed party

Not a single girl can hardly deny the dream of dressing up as the girls do at the Coachella music festival. The outfit, the make-up, the body art, everything is SO dreamy! You can set up your own Coachella-themed party for your 21st birthday. Be crazy, wear funky outfits, play groovy music all night long, and create memories!

Wine and charcuterie

The introverts are more into a homely celebration, with few friends and cozy decoration. If you are one of those kind, go for the wine and charcuterie theme. Invite your best friends, put on some cute, comfy dresses or pajamas, arrange the delicious charcuterie, some wine, and party hard.

Euphoria theme

What can be more interesting and unique 21st birthdays themes other than a Euphoria-themed party? The TV show has a special influence on everyone's life. Even if one had not watched any single episode, the name is not unfamiliar to anyone. Neon lights, Glitter, Music, and Madness.. Enough to make your big day remarkable.

The galaxy theme

The galaxy-themed birthday party is suitable for every age! Decorate the venue with galaxy props, like the planet balloons, stars, and all that. Also, ask your friends to wear shades of black, metallic colors, and make your birthday look funky with glitter make-up!

The carnival theme

The last and probably one of the best theme ideas for your 21st birthday. The fun games, beautiful decorations, and mouth-watering dishes, everything make the carnival party awe-inspiring and magical. If you want to do something out of the ordinary and add a few games to your party, then the carnival theme is for you. You can arrange games like ping Pong toss, ring toss, can toss game, bean bag toss, etc.

So, here are a few unique 21st birthday themes that you can try out. However, for perfection and relaxation, you can always ask the professionals to arrange the party for you. In case you need any assistance, we are ready to help! From arranging 21st birthday parties, 60th birthday decoration ideas, baby shower decoration ideas, our event and wedding organizer company does all. Be it decorating the birthday, baby shower intimate wedding venues, or arranging the culinary, we offer everything!

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