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Best 60th Birthday Decoration Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Turning 60 is a very big deal. 60 years of efforts for family and loved ones, wisdom, experience, and a whole bunch of memories is something special. Celebrating the 60th birthday of someone will always make them feel special. This is the time when people start retiring from their job and responsibilities to start a new and free life for the remaining years to come. Let your close ones start the 6th decade of their life by birthday bash. Recall their hobbies, loved moments, favorite foods, and things that they like to get involved in their 60th birthday decoration ideas.

Some of the best 60th birthday decoration ideas

At the age of 60, most people love to enjoy their leisure time along with their friends and family and thus you can choose the best 60th birthday decoration ideas as per the like of the special one.


While you plan of organizing the 60th birthday the first part that comes to your mind is choosing the theme of the party. Choose a theme that is based on the likings of the special person. Once you are done with choosing the theme you can now proceed with your process of choosing the venue and other ideas accordingly. Some of the best themes that you can choose are as follows,

Monochrome party

Celebrate the special day by arranging for a monochrome party. This theme looks classy and elegant. Ask your guests to dress in white and black dress. Keep the party simple and add classy background music to the party. Add on foods that are liked by the reveler.


Celebrating a birthday in the casino is one of the best options that you can choose. Planning a birthday at the casino is a great theme and you can join in some poker games and have a joyous time out there. Celebrate the 60th birthday party of your beloved ones at the casino. This is a distinctive birthday idea alike Uniques 21st themes that you plan for a young celebrant.

Diamond jubilee

Alike queen victoria you can also enjoy the diamond jubilee of your loved ones. Organize a birthday party in a royal manner. This theme is all about glamour and glitters that you can add to the party. Champagne goes best with this sort of theme.

Party activities

When you think of 60th birthday decoration ideas make sure that you add fun activities to them. There are many games and sports that you can add to the list,

● Playing card games is quite common in a casino-based birthday theme.

● The musical chair is another common fun activity if your chosen venue is in the open air.

● For Gatsby theme party showing off some dance steps can be a great option for entertainment.

● Arrange for a quiz contest based on the life of the guest of honor. Add on some questions related to some funny incidents or moments that are to be cherished all throughout the year. Create a list of questions such that all your guests can involve themselves in the activity. 60th birthday decoration ideas like this will entertain the invitees.

● Creating a slideshow by using the best photographs of the special person is one of the best 60th birthday decoration ideas. This is a very beautiful and memorable part that you can add to the party. You can even add this plan to a Surprise 40th birthday party for your loved ones.


Food is one of the most integral parts of any party. In 60th birthday decoration ideas food plays a major role as because having delicious treats at a birthday party is as important as planning for rest of the work. Add on the favorite food that the special person is fond of. Divide the entire course into 3 halves to decide the entire menu without any hassle.

Start the course with starters and beverages, hop onto the main course, and satisfy your sweet tooth, adding dessert to the menu. Make sure the menu contains most of the delicacies as per the special person. Hiring a wedding organizer company will be able to provide a list of food and beverages that goes best with your chosen theme.

Organizing birthday events is now much easier because our event organisers for birthday party are there to ease your work. Visit our website to get the best 60th birthday decoration ideas and baby shower decoration ideas along with professionals who are there to conduct the entire party.

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