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What to Know Before Planning a Wedding Welcome Party?

Most couples consider their wedding day to be the most important day of their lives. However, it is frequently considerably more than a single day. Your wedding may be a weekend full of quality time celebrating with your closest friends and family, from your wedding welcome party to your rehearsal dinner to your brunch send-off.

A wedding weekend is made up of many different things. The wedding welcome party and rehearsal supper will be discussed here. They are two independent events with separate guest lists and goals, despite the fact that they are occasionally used interchangeably. Learn the difference between a welcome party and a rehearsal dinner, as well as how to design unforgettable events for both.

What is a wedding welcome party?

While both a wedding welcome party and a rehearsal dinner prolong the wedding festivities beyond one day, their purposes and guest lists differ. A welcome party is a pre-wedding gathering that is usually available to all wedding attendees. This is a festive social event that kicks off the wedding weekend festivities. A welcome party includes toasts and the sharing of tales about the newlyweds, albeit it is often less formal and low-key than a wedding reception. This party is truly about soaking in the thrill of having all of your favorite people around you, according to the couple.

Cultural themes can be incorporated into the pre-wedding celebration at both the welcome reception and the rehearsal dinner. This might include a Shabbat meal on Friday instead of a rehearsal dinner and the day before a Saturday welcome celebration for Jewish couples. This might include organizing a Sangeet party for all guests the night before the wedding for Indian and Pakistani couples.

How to plan your wedding welcome party?

To avoid any chaos you need to plan early. Here is a step by step routine that you can follow to organize a super hit wedding welcome party.

1. Decide who is hosting the event?

The welcome party and/or rehearsal supper are traditionally hosted by the groom's family prior to the wedding. With weekend wedding celebrations growing increasingly prevalent, will both families divide the expense and organize all activities jointly is absolutely not a faux pas. As a result, always talk to both sides of the family ahead of time to set clear expectations for each event's budget.

2. Take Time to Plan the Events

A welcome party, unlike your wedding day, which may be a more formal celebration, is typically casual and easygoing. Your welcome party, as one of the first pre-wedding events, sets the tone for the rest of the weekend, so put considerable thought and money into it. It's the same with your rehearsal supper. Although it is a more personal occasion, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your closest relatives and friends to spend time with you and each other, so it is worth remembering.

3. Choose Your Guest List for Each Event

As previously said, any wedding welcome party is usually open to the public, but rehearsal dinners have a limited number of guests. There are, however, no hard and fast restrictions about who you may and can't invite to any event. As a result, including "out of town" guests who are travelling to your wedding as an expression of thanks is a thoughtful gesture.

If the welcome party is open to all of your wedding guests, you may post the information on your wedding website or include a details insert in your invitation suite. If you're hosting a rehearsal dinner or other event for a subset of your guest list, make sure to send out a separate invitation and RSVP card so that non-invited attendees don't feel left out.

4. Decide What to Serve

What is a party without nice food and beverages? A rehearsal dinner, of course, includes meals, and you may choose between a sit-down dinner (plated or family-style) or a buffet station.

If you're welcome party falls on the same night as your rehearsal dinner, try offering tray-passed appetizers or beverages and sweets placed at stations. Include unique features like a "Signature Sips" drink, local cuisine on the menu for a destination wedding, or a BBQ or taco food truck for a more participatory gathering to make things even more enjoyable.

Now all is left to do is just executed. You will have an amazing wedding welcome party smoothly. Our service also includes intimate wedding venues, bride party before wedding, wedding organizer company, Wedding Event Decorations, so hire us now!

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