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Unique and creative grand entrance for brides

A wedding is a very special day for you especially if you are the bride. You need to get everything planned out perfectly. However, the thing you forget is you are the bride. Why settle for a standard grand entrance at your wedding reception when you can make a statement? After all, it's your big day. There are several ways to arrive at your wedding reception in elegance, regardless of whether you have an infinite budget or a limited budget. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Organize a Flash Mob With Your Wedding Party

What better way to surprise your guests than by organising a flash mob that only your wedding party is aware of? The bridal party can enter, as usual, unaware of what lies next, suggests a professional event planner. The DJ will change the music after the bride and groom get announced, signalling the whole ballroom to gather to the dance floor, where the flash mob begins. It will be the topic of conversation all night!

This is one of the many ideas that you can try to flash mob your wedding guests and make your entrance super grand and fun!

2. Go big or go home

If you are one of those lucky brides who have an unlimited budget then this option is meant for you. You can plan everything in a certain theme or colour scheme. For example, if your dress has the slightest bit of colour then you can ask the guests to wear the same coloured dress or a complementing coloured dress that suits the decor.

And of course, what can be grander than entering your own wedding on a Porsche or maybe a helicopter. You can go crazy or most subtle or perhaps royal with the choice of your entrance vehicle. Just tell your decorator what you want and they will arrange it.

3. Try a Rose Petal, Confetti, or Balloon Drop

What could be more romantic and grand than the momentous entry with flowers, rose petals and balloons? You can create a gorgeous and entertaining entrance for less than a hundred dollars by purchasing a few thousand rose petals online. If you want to make a huge splash while conserving money, run through a paper banner with your new husband like a race finish line. Put your married name on the banner or paint it to match your wedding colours.

Honey, if you are the bride don’t play safe. Go as grand and crazy as you can. Just leave all the tension on our decorators and enjoy every moment.

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