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Four-of-a-Kind Low Cost Wedding Reception Ideas

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Weddings have always been an expensive event to throw and the average wedding costs around $20,300. One of the challenges for wedding planners is having to balance the cost of the event while providing an unforgettable experience for everyone. This means it’s important to find an affordable location that won’t break the rest of the wedding budget. In which case it might make sense to get creative with some ideas for the reception and that’s where this article comes in. We’re going to suggest a full house of ideas to help cut down the wedding cost and keep your guests entertained and happy at the same time.

Giant Games

An affordable and entertaining idea is getting some classic Giant Games. They get everyone off their feet, keeps them entertained and are extremely affordable. Want to tap back into your younger years, play some Giant Connect 4 and make it so the whole reception can watch the game. Maybe you’re looking for something with a bit more high stakes, enter Giant Jenga. Or perhaps you want something more sophisticated for the adults, so maybe a round of Yahtzee is the route for your wedding.

3 Card Poker Table

For 3 Card Poker, it’s an easy setup where you just need a dealer and a table. Moreover, 3 Card Poker is an easier and quicker game because you just play with the hand that you’re dealt – it’s not nearly as drawn out as Texas Hold’em. Another benefit of this game is that someone will be dealing and controlling it, so you won’t have to provide a poker hand ranking chart for your guests. Poker is quite popular, so many will already know the rankings, but if not, the dealer can keep them informed, so they only have to worry about winning (or not!). Then to make it fun for everyone, include a prize for whoever wins, and gift cards work perfectly for this!

Pizza Van

A bit more on the unorthodox side, but the food is easily one of the biggest costs one has to deal with when planning a wedding. Why not bring in a pizza van? Who doesn’t love pizza? This way guests can create the pizza of their dreams with whatever toppings they’d like, there are vegan and gluten-free options for those looking to eat healthy or have dietary needs. Couple this with some delicious sides: wings or salad, and this quickly becomes a win-win situation that most guests won’t see coming.

Leave Selfie Sticks on the Tables

We’ve all seen hundreds if not thousands of wedding photos in our time, it memorializes a critical moment forever. However professional photographers can quickly add up in cost, so why not have the guests make their own memories? Placing selfie sticks on every table makes it convenient for guests to take pictures and group photos without having to get someone else involved. This becomes even handier when you add a hashtag to your Wedding so that guests know what to tag when they upload their photos and videos. As more people upload, you’ve got a photo album full of wedding pictures created by your guests.

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