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6 Amazing DIY Ideas For Baby Shower Decorations

Motherhood definitely needs a celebration. And that's why people celebrate baby showers to dedicate a day to a would-be mother. But honestly decorating an event for a baby shower is not easy as it seems. While weddings and anniversaries just need flowers and good lighting to be ready, baby showers need a lot more things to complete a decoration. Well if you are ready to know 9 amazing DIY ideas for baby shower decorations then follow the blog till the end.

6 Amazing Ideas For Baby Shower Decorations

1. Showering Umbrella

Isn't It good to be a little creative at your own baby shower party? Since it’s your baby shower, you can be a perfect fit under a colorful umbrella with crafted rain drops on them. This can creatively display you as Mom-to-be. To make the decoration complete you can use blue chart paper to make lines of raindrops and stick them onto the umbrella. This will surely bring an entertaining effect to the event.

2. Decorative Paper Lanterns

When it is baby shower decorations, lanterns can play an amazing role to complete the venue with beauty. Lanterns add a beautiful softness to the ambiance. They also help diffuse the glow and amplify the light, allowing you to use fewer electric lights. What’s more adoring about these things is they can also help add an unusual shade to the light by using colored paper as per your chosen baby shower theme.

3. Decorated Balloons

You can miss anything in baby shower decoration, but you must not forget balloons, the essential ornaments of any event. Balloons are a given for any kind of decorations, no matter what the occasion may be. Try and find a way to make them unique to your baby shower decor. You can paint the filled-up balloons with light, soft shades of watercolors. Additionally, you add floras to make it more perfect.

4. Baby Bottles For Drinks

Do you know what can take baby shower decorations to the next level? Baby bottles for beverages. This idea can single handedly change the entire atmosphere of your event. Even it can be a great twist to add an unconventional touch to the baby shower decorations at the party anyone can ever have. Instead of old simple plastic glasses, using baby drinking bottles can be fun and enjoyable at the party.

5. Baby Clothes Decoration Station

No wonder every guest would find immense joy in making contributions to the mother-to-be’s journey into motherhood. One of the finest ways to make them feel involved in your event is to set up a baby clothes decoration station at the party. Let the guests express their creativity by modifying and redesigning little clothes for the baby.

6. Baby Socks Roses

Last but one of the most adorable homemade baby shower decorations you can have in your event is a socks roses. Use small baby fabrics to fold and make beautiful decorations for the event. Fold and tie an assortment of colored baby socks to make them look like roses, Tadaa! your event is ready.

A baby shower is another special occasion for women where they celebrate their motherhood. And that is why it needs to be grand and entertaining for both guests and mother-to-be. To make such an occasion more special here we mentioned 6 DIY baby shower decorations ideas that can help you out. So if you need any of these Baby shower decoration ideas in your upcoming baby shower event contact us through our website. Also, read blogs on event organisers for birthday party and Professional Planning in Event Management from our blog section.


What baby shower decorations do you need?

There are many things you can add to your baby shower event decorations. But primarily, you can include balloons, candles, lights, streamers, lanterns, pennant banners, cut-out letters spelling “Welcome,” table centerpieces, and more.

How do you decorate a baby shower room?

Firstly, decorating with balloons, garlands, and banners are easy decorations that help extend your display upward. Streamers can also serve the same purpose, or you can string a clothesline to create a unique decoration.

What should you not forget when planning a baby shower?

Firstly determine who will host the shower, then select a date and time, and then determine a budget. Additionally, select a venue, finalize the guest list, then confirm the baby's gender and choose a theme for the baby shower.

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